Screened Porch Decor

Hey friends! Happy Friday! AND happy August! Is anyone else excited to be inching closer to all things Fall?? I may or may not have purchased a pumpkin candle at HomeGoods yesterday (currently burning it…Lord knows it won’t actually last until Fall)…I live for Fall. Not only for the cooler weather and pumpkin overload, but I feel like it brings more of a routine to our lives. Andie starts preschool in about a month, and while I am excited about her making friends and getting to play with other kids and learn new things, I am a little sad to know that my time with her is getting less and less as she gets older…so we are soaking up these last days of summer with no routine whatsoever, and entirely too many movies and pool days.

Today I want to share one of my FAV spots in our whole house! When we were house hunting, the one thing I told my husband I really wanted, but didn’t require, was a screened porch…and I am HAPPY to say we ended up getting one!

So just to give you an idea of the layout of our house (I personally have an obsession with knowing how a house is laid out, so I’m assuming you do too…), our screened porch is off of our family room, and is right in the middle of our big deck and a small side porch. Now, if you follow me on social media at all (I’m an over-sharer), then you know we spend A LOT of time on said deck…and it has basically turned into Andie’s outdoor play area, so I knew I wanted the porch to be more mama’s style.

IMG_5190IMG_7369 2IMG_0012 2

The best thing about the big deck is that there aren’t any stairs on it, so to get to the yard you have to go through the porch and out the other side…makes keeping a toddler contained VERY easy.

IMG_5924 2IMG_4633 2

You can see the screened porch and little side deck from the family room.

Here are some pictures of the space!




I really LOVE how it turned out.


I searched and searched for an outdoor sectional that didn’t break the bank, and ended up pulling the trigger on this one from Walmart.


We knew we wanted a sectional to seat more people (since we are so popular and entertain so much…), but I ended up finding this one on sale. You know I have a love/hate (emphasis on the hate) relationship with Walmart, but I have to give them credit…their customer service is really great and they were easy to work with (when they basically lost the sectional after we ordered it…).

All of the pillows and covers are from Amazon. I ended up going the “cover” route, because one of my lifelong goals is to decorate for all the seasons (besides Christmas, of course). I know, I reach so high most days. I ordered these inserts and these covers, as well as this set.

Side note – we actually didn’t plan on furnishing this space for awhile (husband’s idea), but there was a rather popular golf tournament on in April, and all said husband could talk about was wanting to watch golf on the porch…I did not argue. I simply made that happen for him.

Ok moving on…

I ended up buying this teak outdoor coffee table as well. I wanted something that contrasted with the dark metal of the sectional. It has really held up as far as I can tell…and I have a 2 year old who likes to “tolor” out there…


The rug was a STEAL from TJ Maxx…I think I paid $29.99 for it?? I LOVE IT.


I guess if you are planning to watch golf on the porch, you have to have a TV right??


Side note #2: Sorry I am not professional enough to not have my reflection in the TV as I am taking a picture. And I also apologize for being too lazy to walk inside and turn off Little Einsteins on the TV…but you get the point. And my dog’s butt is in the picture…all around fail.

We already had this TV and stand, the stand is from IKEA several years ago. Most of the the decor is a mix of HomeGoods and Hobby Lobby.

I told you in a previous post that my most favorite table ever does not fit in our breakfast area, and I am refusing to part with it, so we moved it on the porch and it looks so perfect out here.


Y’all. I seriously love this table so much. One day I will move it back into our house, but for now, she’s shining out here.

Some last few details! We bought this storage container from Amazon to keep all of Jordan’s charcoal and stuff for the grills.

IMG_7888 2

And the string lights are from Amazon as well! I LOVE them. I only had to buy one strand and they were the perfect length!

IMG_2160.JPGIMG_2740 2IMG_3684IMG_5432IMG_7444

And that’s pretty much it! I think we will enjoy this space quite a bit more once the weather from hell decides to subside…until then, I’ll just crank the AC way down and inhale all of the bad things that my pumpkin candle is putting out.

Until next time!


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