Filling My Buckets As A Mom

Hey there! Happy Wednesday! Or Thursday, depending on how long it takes me to write this blog while my toddler is NOT napping…she’s been hit with a cold today and decided it would be better if she did not sleep, so here we are…on the umpteenth episode of Mickey Mouse…send help.

Most of you know I have stayed home with Andie since she was born 2 years ago, and while I am VERY blessed to be able to do so, it hasn’t always been the easiest transition for me! I am a very go-go-go, project oriented, social person, so as you can imagine, going from working an 8-5 job, full of daily human interaction with people who are over 3 feet tall, to being home with no schedule was a big change for me. I’ve learned (and am still learning) over the past couple of years ways that help me manage being a stay-at-home mom while also not losing the things that make me, me. I’m big on getting all of my “buckets” filled. I thought I’d share some things I have learned and ways I have made this transition…hoping that maybe it can help other moms, stay-at-home or working! As moms, we always needs to make time for ourselves, regardless of how that looks!


OK before you say anything, I know early on it is very hard to have any routine WHATSOEVER with a baby, but as they get older, I am a big (like HUGE) believer in having a routine for your kids. We started with a good nap and bedtime schedule and we have been really good at sticking to it, and I honestly think that is why Andie was a great sleeper from early on, but that is a topic for another day. Andie has been taking 1 nap a day for a year now, and it has made it easier to have weekly routines together. Now, anyone with a toddler knows that things are rarely predictable, but I think you can plan things weekly for you guys to do – we go to the library, the park, the pool, the gym…and tackle other errands together (I’ll talk more on this later…). But Andie knows about what our days will look like, she knows when we eat breakfast, when it’s time for her nap, and when it’s bedtime, etc…Kids thrive on routine, and I love that I can give that to her and it’s great for me too.


Like I was just saying, Andie and I get out of the house MOST mornings…if we don’t it’s because I need to clean or have other projects that need tackling around the house that I can do while she is still awake (and not give up that precious nap time…that sometimes is used for Criminal Minds reruns…not gonna lie). We love bumming around town together, even if it’s for a quick Starbucks run because we both are getting on each other’s nerves and need to get out for a minute! Raleigh has been great for us, because there is so much to do with kids. I have really been enjoying finding new places for us to visit.


This one is big for me. I am an enneagram type 3, so if you know me at all, when I get something on my mind I have to get it done right then…like it’s bad. Just ask my husband, it’s his favorite thing about me. If I don’t tackle some sort of project, task, organization idea, etc…daily, I feel like I wasn’t successful that day (I know I’m a complete psycho, trust me). And I know raising my daughter is my most important job, don’t get me wrong, and getting through the day without tantrums and injuries is a feat in itself, but for me I need to feel like I’ve knocked something off my list – I’m a big list girl…big time list girl. One of my favorite things to buy are planners and new pens…full on psycho and nerd all in one…you’re one lucky guy, Jordan. But for real, even if I just organize a kitchen drawer I can hear the angels singing…that’s all it takes! I definitely have days where I go straight maniac and take my toddler to Sherwin Williams to get sample paint so I can paint the inside and outside of my front door, but it doesn’t always have to be that intense…I am rambling now so moving on to the next point…


This is a big one. Moms need “me” time…I would say weekly at least. And it doesn’t matter what it looks like…it can be anything. For me, it’s anywhere from a trip to the nail salon for a mani/pedi because I am super extra and don’t believe in painting my own nails, or having friends over to watch the Bachelorette because you are tired of your husband’s negative comments towards the show…I mean you do you…whatever that is.


I am still working on this one since I am in a new city (and my sister is far, far away 😦 ), but one of the first things I did when we moved to Raleigh was find “mom groups” on FB…you don’t realize how many people you can meet on there (also how many moms you can totally stalk and make sure they aren’t serial killers…). I also like to chat with other moms when I meet them at the park or pool or wherever…I have legit given my number to 2 moms that I have met here because I am super needy and stalker-ish – but hey, we are planning park dates now!


This is hard for me sometimes, because I want to be a perfect mom…but I fail constantly. Thank you Lord for grace. Because we need it! There are days where Andie watches way too much TV (today actually) and other days where we don’t even turn it on because I am legit being Joanna Gaines and she’s playing outside and discovering nature (or at least discovering the outdoor furniture at Target…), and that’s OK! Do better tomorrow. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that Andie is fed and loved, even if she was only fed with “cheese sticks” and goldfish.


This is super important, because how am I supposed to pour into my child and show her grace and love if I haven’t been poured into? I need to focus on myself spiritually so I can really focus on Andie. I have been reading this book by Becky Thomson – I love her so much. It’s a daily devotional for mamas and they are super quick and easy reads – I HIGHLY recommend it. Mamas – make time to fill your Jesus bucket because without Him, we surely aren’t going to be able to tackle this whole mom gig.

I would love to hear what kinds of things you guys do to keep your sanity as moms! I am always looking for new ideas and fun things to do with Andie.

Thanks for hanging in here with me during this long, rambling post!

Until next time!





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