Family Room Makeover

Hi friends! Happy July! Are we in agreement that it’s slightly crazy we are already halfway through 2019?? My daughter turns 2 tomorrow…which is EQUALLY as crazy…so we had a little party for her over the weekend.


It’s weird, I really still see this when I look at her…



Moving on to prevent the tears…I wanted to share our Family Room updates with you today! If you have been following me for a little while, you know I shared some family room updates at our other house, so I am just as excited (probably more) to share our new family room with you!

Let’s first see where we started…

IMG_6266 3

When we were touring this house, I instantly knew this room would be one we would LIVE in…I loved the higher ceilings (basically ready for a tall Christmas tree…), the space was great, and I loved the openness between the kitchen and family room, as well as the amazing screened-in porch.

The first thing we did was PAINT…because Lord knows I couldn’t handle the current paint color…not only that, the massive white wall looked like it literally had just been primed, so it all needed a good facelift.


After picking up 5 grey samples of paint from Sherwin Williams, we decided to go withย Front Porch (AKA I picked it and prayed Jordan would do the same…knowing full well we’d still use it even if he didn’t…good news: he picked it). This is my new FAVORITE grey. I am drawn to greys with a blue undertone and this one was perfect.


We hired some painters to do the work for us (because…toddler), and while I am not sure I will be using them again (a story for another day) they did a good job painting the family room. They painted all of the walls Front Porch and they painted the trim and the “primed” wall Pure White by Sherwin Williams. It made such a huge difference!

IMG_0469 2


And then before we knew it, it was move-in day!

IMG_1309 3

Notice Jordan playing with a broken broom…I wish blogs allowed you to insert live photos, because he is in fact, NOT working…he’s working on his golf swing. PS – in his defense, we hired movers, because we are lazy.

Ok y’all…here is the family room now! Remember that big blank wall around the fireplace??


It’s so beautiful now!! We had several people quote us what it would cost to have built-ins done, but after getting those back we were like “uhh no” and decided to do it on our own.


We went to a lumber yard here in Raleigh and purchased all of the wood needed for the project for about $100. We used the Minwax Stain color “Provincial” and stained the wood ourselves! I wanted something dark enough to stand out, but not too dark…because I see the world in white.


I found the white buffets at Walmart of all places! If you know me at all, you know I don’t do Walmart…HOWEVER, their online game is STRONG. They have started selling a lot of other brands (think Amazon wanna-be) and have some really great stuff.

I found the 2 white lamps at HomeGoods, naturally, but most of the other shelf decor I already owned! It all felt new to me because it had been in storage for so long and I missed it so much.


I found the rug for a STEAL at Rugs USA and I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s neutral enough for a family room and is SO soft. My problem with rugs is that I always want something that has a white or ivory base, and with a 2 year old it’s just plain dumb…BUT this one has been great at hiding any spills, and has been super easy to clean…just ask Jordan about the time he threw a dog toy at me and knocked my coffee all over the rug…we’re still together though, so no worries.



This room is just so open to everything else…I love it so much!


And the big window is another huge perk…can you tell I love this room??



And there you have it! First big makeover for the new house. We are already living in this room, which I knew we would.

Thanks for staying with me on this long post!! Can’t wait to share more fun things with you guys.

Until next time!


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