Welcome to Our New Home!

Hi friends! Things have been SO crazy here lately…mainly because we closed on our house here in Raleigh a couple of weeks ago! YIPPEEE! We are SO excited to be back in a house, and there are so many things about this house that we love. I thought I’d take you on a sneak-peak tour, so you can follow along as we put our stamp on this sweet home!



Hello, sweet & beautiful home! So excited you are ours.

IMG_0829 2

This was the day we closed and did our final walk-through – coffee in hand, or it didn’t happen.

We have already made SO many changes (perks of living in an apartment prior to buying…), BUT I don’t want to show you everything JUST yet…I really need the blog content πŸ˜‰

Here are some pictures of the inside before we touched it…




DINING ROOM. AKA Andie’s Playroom

IMG_4746 2




IMG_9641 2

IMG_6266 2



DREAMY DECK (we’re already LIVING out here…)



It’s pretty cute right?! We’ve already done a lot of painting (read as: paid someone to come do said painting), updated the kitchen hardware and cabinet colors, and just given everything a freshening up!

Ok ok, you’ve convinced me…here’s a couple pictures of the kitchen after we had the cabinets painted white (I know what you are thinking, they were already white…but I assure you, they were NOT…), updated the hardware, and painted the whole kitchen and family room the PERFECT grey…



This was before we even moved in, but it made such a big difference just lightning up the paint color on the walls and the cabinets!

OK FINE…here’s another picture so you can see the wall color really well in the breakfast area…


My big, beautiful table wouldn’t fit in this spot, so I moved it elsewhere…and I love it even more…


My husband is trying to convince me to sell it because “it’s too nice to be on a porch…” whatever the heck that means…I haven’t budged and I don’t plan to. She’s too pretty to let go of, and in the words of Marie Kondo herself, she sparks so much dang joy in my life Marie would be so disappointed with me if I were to rid myself of that.

Ok sorry, anyways…there is SO much more to see, but that will have to wait for another day.Β  Other than fun house things, we celebrated Mother’s Day together in our new home…cue the jumpsuit.


That table brings me ALMOST as much joy as this sweet girl does πŸ™‚

Until next time, friends!


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