These are a few of our favorite things – Toddler Edition!

Hey friends! Happy Thursday! A while back, I wrote several posts on all of our favorite baby items…but alas, I feel like I no longer have a baby, but have ventured into the toddler years (please send help). This is a whole new world for us (can I get an “amen” mamas??). We went from onesies and bottles to goldfish and attitudes, literally overnight. Don’t get me wrong, I do love this stage…the talking, the personality, and a little more independence, BUT this stage is a lot tougher! That new personality comes with a “stank” face like I’ve never seen before…she must have gotten that from her dad…

I thought it would be helpful to round up a list of our favorite things right now! These are all over the place, and in no particular order, but some things we are loving and/or find very useful:

Simply Balanced Organic Line

Ok you guys know I have a love affair with Target, but what I am really loving these days is their Simply Balanced line. Now, if I could do all of my grocery shopping at Target I would, but unfortunately they are not the cheapest on a lot of things. However, I have found that their prices on their organic line called Simply Balanced is pretty competitive, so we stock up on several items from that line. A few things we love are the veggie straws, puffs, sparking waters, animal crackers, dried fruit, pouches, and whole milk (I don’t buy this every time, but if I’m at Target and need milk for Andie, I’ll grab it). I seriously could buy this entire line, but there are certain things that I know I can get a better price elsewhere, but for the most part these products are great! And super tasty. One issue I have with shopping for groceries at Target is that the rest of the store is readily available to me…and I tend to get into trouble…but I am saving time by not going to multiple places, and time is money when you have an 18 month old.

Refrigerator Magnets

Andie has a couple different kinds of magnets that she LOVES playing with. We have these and these. She will put them on and take them off of the fridge, but I have even given her a pan to play with and she will sit forever (AKA 5 minutes) and stick the magnets on the pan. It’s a great little time killer (AKA 5 minutes). Disclaimer: I gave Andie the letter magnets a little too early and she immediately stuck the small “O” in her mouth…don’t tell my mom. #momfail

Little Girl Purse

Ok so since I am a girl mama, some of our favorites will focus more on little girls, but Andie LOVES her little purse she got for Christmas from her cousin Jack. She has this one, but there are so many cute options out there. I love how this purse comes with car keys, a cell phone, a credit card (training her early), and other little things – she carries it around all the time.

screen shot 2019-01-10 at 12.46.39 pm

Melissa and Doug Water Wow Coloring Book

Y’all. My sis got Andie a couple of these for Christmas and they are SO cool. All you do is fill the marker with water and your kiddo can draw all over the pages in the book and a picture will appear! Then after a little while, the water will dry and the picture will disappear…so they can color the same picture the next time. Such a cool product! Andie spends almost as much time sucking the water out of the marker as she does actually coloring, but again, time killer…win/win in my book.

screen shot 2019-01-10 at 12.46.05 pm

The Original Piggy Cell Phone Stand

I am literally cracking up at the fact that I am even putting this on the list, but Y’ALL. My mother-in-law gave us these in our stockings this year and I was like “what the heck is this??“, but I have gotten SO much use out of it! We have been taking some long car rides going back and forth from Greenville to Raleigh, and I have been sticking the little piggy on the back of my phone, sitting it on the middle console, turning on Baby Bum, and enjoying the ride in PEACE. You’re welcome, mamas.

screen shot 2019-01-10 at 12.45.09 pm

Melissa and Doug Reusable Sticker Pads

I bought one of these for both Andie and her cousin Jack for Christmas, and they were a hit! Andie is obsessed with stickers right now, but we are constantly going through them because she wants one for 5 seconds and then is ready for another one…and frankly I was tired of finding them all over my house…or my dog eating them…so I found these reusable sticker pads! The little princess one is really cute, and they can create little scenes with all of the stickers.

screen shot 2019-01-10 at 12.44.21 pm

Kids Play Tunnel

My parents bought the kiddos these tunnels for Christmas, and I have never seen so much excitement from two kids – mostly from my nephew who barely let my sister get the tunnel open before he dove into it. What is great about them is that they fold up completely and come with a case that zips, so you can easily store them pretty much anywhere! Andie likes to crawl into hers with her toys, and just lay there and play for a little bit…she also hasn’t quite learned she cannot stand up in it. I know it will come.

screen shot 2019-01-10 at 12.42.36 pm

Snack Cup

Andie has had this snack cup for a while now, but we get SO much use out of it. It mostly houses goldfish, but I will throw other random things in it…it’s so great for traveling long distances or simply traveling the aisles of Target. She hasn’t yet figured out how to take the top off, thankfully…the only downside is I can’t fit veggie straws in it, so our trips through Target end up looking like this…y’all pray for me:

ca91da3e-6650-4fbb-b714-1c836da2675bscreen shot 2019-01-10 at 1.30.20 pm

And that’s it, folks! Some of our favorites! I really could add several more, but I’ll save that for another day and another post…as you mamas know, toddlers are ever-changing and growing, and what works one day, does not the next.

Until next time, friends!






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