Life Lately – Summer Edition

Hey there! I know, it’s been entirely too long since I have blogged! I am quickly learning that the old my daughter gets, the less time I have to get things done! Tell me I’m not the only one!

I feel like Summer is FLYING by…we have had so much going on, so I wanted to update you on how our Summer has been so far! First and foremost…our little Andie turned ONE. That’s right. We’ve already had an entire year with her.

She went from this…


To this….


basically overnight. Cue all the tears.

Of course we had to throw the best party for our spunky little girl. We had the party at our house…I had big plans to have everything outside, but I quickly learned that July birthdays just won’t allow for such celebrations outdoors in SC…we all moved indoors to keep from melting.


Side note: the banner of her monthly pictures is STILL up on my fireplace…I just can’t find it in me to take it down!


I made this fun “1” out of pictures of Andie over the past year, and I LOVED how it turned out!


My sister made the cakes. We had a larger one for all of the guests and a cute little baby cake for Andie.


They were SO good. Andie quite enjoyed hers…in between her waves to everyone…


This was one of those days I was reminded of how many great people we have in our lives. Our house was full of family and friends who love us and our sweet girl, and I couldn’t be more thankful!


We had one short week to recover from the birthday shindig before we took our first vacation as a family of 3 to Amelia Island!


Y’all. My kid LOVED the beach. Like loved it. She was all over the sand, and my husband (who is NOT really a huge fan of the ocean…) sat in the shallow water with her so she could see the waves…she loved every minute of it.

IMG_4182 3IMG_7780IMG_9223IMG_4586 2IMG_7756IMG_9634

She was WIPED every day and ended up taking the longest naps…another beach perk. I brought 2 books with me thinking I would somehow be able to sit in my beach chair, sip my diet coke, and get lost with James Patterson…but it didn’t happen. Vacation with a one year old is QUITE different from my pre-baby life! But I wouldn’t change a thing.

We ate so much good food, but one of our favorite places was Gilbert’s Underground Kitchen. The guy who opened it was on Top Chef! This place is known for their bbq, but the whole menu was mouth watering. They had crispy brussel sprouts that were unbelievable…and y’all…I don’t even like brussel sprouts!

We also got to meet up in St. Augustine with Jordan’s sister and her husband who recently moved to Florida.

IMG_0805IMG_0804 2IMG_0802

We ate dinner at Beaches at Vilano, and if you are in the area I HIGHLY recommend it. It was one of the best meals we had…and we had a lot of good ones.

As exhausting as the beach was, we had the best time spending time together just us. It was great to relax and recharge, and to just get away for a little bit! We LOVED Amelia Island and will definitely be visiting again one day.

IMG_1086IMG_7106IMG_5293IMG_6377 2IMG_4500IMG_0628

Y’all! Summer is going by so fast…there are so many things I love about Summer, but I do get excited about all of the things Fall brings! But for now, we will continue to enjoy the daily sweating…it burns calories, right??

Until next time!


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