Kitchen and Dining Room Updates

Hello hello, friends! I know it’s been a hot minute since I have shared with y’all, but goodness, life gets so crazy! I just put my 9 month old (yes, 9 MONTH old…I really wish she would stop growing!) down for a nap, and the light in the kitchen and dining room was so pretty, I decided to take some pictures! And that has basically led me to share these rooms with you!

Let me begin by saying that our kitchen is in that “in between” stage (don’t get me wrong, I am loving how it’s looking so far)…we did some minor changes when we first moved in, but are hoping/planning to do a full reno in the near future (Lindsey is planning. Jordan is…tolerating Lindsey’s ideas…). I wasn’t planning on sharing this space until we were completely finished with it, but hey! Why not!

One more thing. I am calling this our dining room, but technicallyΒ it’s not a dining room at all. We use our dining room as a playroom, because that just works better for us!

Ok here we go! Grab a snack…this is a long post.

This is what the kitchen and “dining room” looked like when we first moved in.




I am usually not a big fan of galley style kitchens, but this one is a pretty decent size! I love how it opens up to the family room.

Here is what it looked like during our long hours of renovation!


And here is what it looks like now!



I love how it has turned out so far! While I would have loved to gut the kitchen completely before we moved in, we knew that was something we could do down the road. I also knew some minor changes really would make a big difference for now.

SO, before we moved in, we painted the cabinets Ultra Pure White by Behr. This is the same white I have used throughout my house on the trim, my fireplace, built in shelves, etc…it is a bright white, which is what I wanted. I am a sucker for a white kitchen, and I honestly think just painting the cabinets made a huge difference. They were an off-white/pinky color before.



Y’all. Painting cabinets is HARD WORK. I would be so glad if I never had to do it again. BUT it’s one of the most inexpensive ways to make a big update. So totally worth it for us.

We also updated the hardware by spray painting it…super easy project and a quick way to semi-update the cabinets! I definitely want some new hardware, but again…we wanted to update the kitchen quickly and inexpensively before we moved in!

The next thing we did (and I mean Jordan did…) was to do the concrete countertops. Now, I could do an entire post on JUST this (and I very well may), but this was a super inexpensive project that really updated the counters that were already there! We totally did research via Pinterest, and just decided to tackle it ourselves (AKA Jordan tackled it himself…I played no part…I was too busy painting every square inch of this house and making Chick-fil-a runs at 9PM) and I think they turned out great!



I LOVE all of the variation in them! This gave the kitchen a more modern look – a really fun update! And I want to say it cost us about $200…not kidding!

We replaced all of the appliances in the kitchen and painted the walls the same color as my family room – Urban Raincoat by Behr. I have this color in my master bedroom as well!

I think I have mentioned this before, but this house is super quirky. I love that about it, but sometimes it makes updating it a little more difficult! The sink in this kitchen was the LARGEST sink I have ever seen. I think it is around 42″…that’s not normal right?! Anyways, it was a stainless steel drop in sink (I wish I had a better picture)…not my favorite, but I honestly thought I would have to live with it for now because there was no way I was going to find a replacement sink (that didn’t cost an arm and a leg).


But have no fear…one of my strengths (and weaknesses if you ask Jordan…) is finding good deals…SO I started to look on places like Craigslist, and just so happened to find this beauty in the EXACT measurements I needed! Jordan and I drove 2 hours to pick it up, but I got this thing for a whopping $100!



I think it really adds a lot! I love a cast iron sink. Now, my only complaint is that the faucet we bought isn’t the best for this large of a sink…it makes washing dishes a little difficult, but that is something we can change!

My favorite spot in the kitchen is my coffee bar! Before, it was just a built-in desk with some additional cabinets above.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 2.43.46 PM

When we toured the house, I instantly knew it could be the perfect spot for a coffee bar.



Isn’t it cute?! Y’all. We use this little spot EVERY day! It might be one of my favorite spots in the whole house.

That pretty much sums up what we have done to the kitchen so far! And honestly, not a TON of money was spent here. Just some little updates that made a big difference.

On to the dining room! Like I said, it really isn’t a dining room…the dining room in this house currently looks like this most days.


SO, I decided to put our table in the open space between the kitchen and family room…and we honestly use the table so much more like this!



We had this table built by a local guy here and I LOVE IT. I wanted an all stained table instead of one with a stained top and painted bottom like a lot of farmhouse tables. One of the main reasons was because I wanted white, modern chairs to go with it. We got the 4 white chairs and the 2 mid-century modern chairs (2 more not pictured) from WalMart!Β  I did a lot of research on these chairs and WalMart had the best price! I linked them above! They have been GREAT so far! They are all really comfortable. And I love having 2 different chairs on the end.

IMG_7259 2

The rug is from Rugs USA – I bought it a couple years ago and put it in my family room, but recently purchased a different rug for the family room, so I moved this one under the dining table!


Jordan built the box on the table, and I just styled it with some Goodwill mason jars and some greenery from Michaels! The runner is from Target and the candle holders are from another thrift store several years ago…I have loved them so much since the day I bought them!


On the wall next to the coffee bar, we added some open shelving and a buffet that belonged to my parents! I painted it white recently (don’t worry, I asked my mom first πŸ˜‰).


Here are some pictures of the whole space!


The doors really let so much light into this space! I love how bright and airy it is.

Whew! I think that about covers it! I feel like that was a long post, so if you made it to the end, thank you!

I promise to keep you guys updated whenever we make some more changes and updates to these spaces!

Until next time!



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