Mama’s House Makeover – Foyer Updates

Hey there! I’m really excited to share a new project I have been working on! My mom has been wanting to do some updates to their house, and she has so kindly allowed me to take over for her! I’m going to be sharing the different spaces we have been working on as we get them done. The best thing about these updates is that we aren’t breaking the bank! I’ll be sharing some ways we have saved money as well.

Today we are going to be starting with the foyer, naturally! Not too long ago, I shared some updates to my own foyer, so I was super excited to work on this one!

Here are some before pictures of their foyer…


Not bad, right?! My mom has a good design touch of her own! She really was just wanting to update their style.

Here is what it looks like now!


Isn’t it so bright and airy?!

The first thing we did was paint the entry table (and by “we”, I mean I told mom she should paint the table…). It was a great table to begin with, and like you have heard me say, there is nothing a good coat of paint can’t fix! I LOVE the white. It makes the slate pieces pop even more.

After painting the table, I just made some simple decor updates! The picture is from Hobby Lobby, and the wreath is from TJ Maxx! We wanted a wreath with some greenery in it, but not only greenery. I LOVE this wreath. The instant I saw it, I knew it was perfect.


The little pitcher with the green stems is from Hobby Lobby – and I picked up the green stems from Michael’s when they were having a sale (which is pretty much every other day…).


One of my decorating tricks is going through all of my books and taking the paper covers off of them, because they ALWAYS look so much better without covers! And I use them as part of my decor! The candle is from TJ Maxx as well – you can always find really pretty candles at TJ Maxx and HomeGoods for super cheap…they add a lot to your decor.


The lamp was an impulse buy from The Christmas Tree Shops! Do y’all know what those are?! They tend to have random, cute home decor, and I found this gold lamp for $14.99!


I think it works PERFECT in this space! I’m a sucker for a lamp in the foyer – it makes it so cozy.


The basket was another TJ Maxx find! Sheesh. That place REALLY benefits from me…


Side note: can we talk about how pretty the tile is in their foyer?? No updates needed here! Just a pretty rug to finish out the space!

IMG_4978 2


This rug was a, you guessed it, TJ Maxx find! I love the combination of the white and grey…neutral and classic.

They already had this cute, distressed chair in the other corner near the coat closet, so all we did was pop a cute pillow in it!

IMG_7044 2IMG_1553

That pillow was on clearance at Target for $9.98! Pillows tend to be pricey, so when I find a good deal on one, I buy it and figure out where to use it later…not my best quality, but in this case it benefitted me!

The front of their house gets so much natural light, how pretty is this space?!


Here is one last look at the before and after!


I love how it turned out! And I think my clients are happy too ;-).

I hope y’all are looking forward to what else is coming from this project! I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated on all of our progress!

Until next time!


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