Favorite Baby Products – Round 3

Hey there! It’s been a hot minute since I have blogged. Things just get so busy around here so quickly. I was recently thinking it was time to do another baby favorites blog, so here it is! Andie is quickly hitting the 9 month mark, so there have been lots of fun changes around here! She’s now mobile via crawling, so I barely have time to sit down these days…

Here we go!

#1 Shopping Cart Cover

Andie is now sitting up great, so shopping has gotten a little easier since she can sit in the cart! She LOVES it, and it makes our Target trips even MORE enjoyable! We bought this shopping cart cover from Amazon and love it. It has an insert that you can put in the cart or restaurant high chair with them, for extra support – so if they are still mastering sitting up, or get tired after a little while, this gives them some extra padding and support! We still use it on any shopping cart that is really big – it just keeps her more secure!

#2 Baby Zebra Walker

Andie got this for Christmas from her grandparents, and while she couldn’t really use it right away, we are getting so much use out of it now! She hasn’t mastered pulling up on it yet, but she loves sitting and playing with everything on the front! I love that she will able to use this toy as she grows. Pretty soon she will be chasing Dobby all over this house…send help.

#3 Pack-n-Play

Ok, we have had our pack-n-play since before Andie was born, but we have gotten the MOST use out of it the past month. I moved it downstairs to her playroom, so I have a place to stick her when I need to get things done where I know she is safe and can play with her toys! She loves hanging out in it, and I love having the freedom to do the dishes, vacuum, etc…(catch up on Grey’s…) – basically it’s a win-win.

#4 Baby Food Pouches

I make most of Andie’s food at home, but whenever we are out (or I am just being lazy…), I feed her the food pouches! There are TONS of different kinds, but we have been buying the organic ones from Aldi. They are only 79 cents, so you won’t break the bank! We have tried pretty much every kind they have, and Andie has done well with them all!

#5 Amber Teething Necklace

I had read/heard so many things about these Amber Teething Necklaces...and I wasn’t 100% sure if I believed that they actually work…BUT I decided to purchase one anyways. Andie has gotten her 2 bottom teeth the past month, and while she has certainly had some fussier days, I feel like teething hasn’t been horrendous. Maybe it’s the necklace…maybe Andie has a higher tolerance for pain? Her mother certainly does NOT, so let’s go with the necklace…and if anything, it adds a nice touch of jewelry to all of her outfits. Thats a win.

#6 Sophie the Giraffe

Since we are on the subject of teething, we LOVE Sofie the Giraffe! This was another one of those things we were told to get for Andie, and for the love, could not understand why this teether is pushing $30…but there is something about it that makes it worth the money. I don’t know what it is, but I highly recommend it! It’s easy for Andie to hold, and she can chew on any part of it…and when it comes to teething, you’ll do just about anything to ease the pain.

#7 4-in-1 Bathtub

Y’all. If I could add a video to this one I would (and maybe I can?). We got this Fisher-Price bathtub at a shower, and it has been so great. It has the sling for when you have an itty-bitty newborn – which makes giving them a bath a lot easier. But it also has this seat insert that snaps into the tub, so when they are able to sit up, they can sit up in the bathtub, without being totally exposed to the tub! Andie LOVES getting a bath like this. Sometimes (OK, a lot of times…), I give her a bath just to kill some time! She would stay in there as long as I’d let her…

#8 Little Poppy Bows

Ok – moms of boys, skip over this one! And I know I put this on my first list of baby favorites, BUT I LOVE these bows. Little Poppy Bows was created by 2 sisters-in-law several years ago, and it has blown up. It’s a monthly bow subscription that costs $11.99, plus $3.50 for shipping – you get 3 different bows EVERY month that are seasonally appropriate. The band is made of nylon (think panty-hose…thank goodness that material has moved on to better things…), so it’s super soft on their little heads and fits ANY head size. Jordan has finally come to terms with the fact that this is just going to have to be something that we work into the monthly budget…because every time I cancel because I don’t “need” them (which I totally NEED them…), I end up signing back up and don’t even miss a month. Guys. It’s worth it. Also – if you decide to sign up, REFER ME. You get a free month every time someone refers you, and I’m not above asking you to get me something for free…

Mamas! Please tell me what your favorites are! What am I missing out on?

Until next time!



One thought on “Favorite Baby Products – Round 3

  1. Love this list! I agree I can’t live without the cart cover – keeps my baby’s hands and mouth off the germs!! And Sophie the giraffe is an amazing product too! I also use my pack n play in and outside the house – it was a good buy! Thanks for your list!!!


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