Living Room Updates

Hey there! We’ve been cooped up at home the past few days, fighting off colds! Andie and I are both ready to get out of the house, so I am hoping we can knock these colds out soon and get back to our weekly trips to Target!

I wanted to share some updates to our living room today! I shared our Family Room a while back, but this is the room we LIVE in.

We recently ended up switching the furniture between the living room and family room, and I love that we did that! I’ll talk more about that in a few…

Here is what the living room looked like before!



What do you think?! Are the pumpkin colored walls and creamy-yellow trim speaking to you? Surprisingly – it did speak to me! I loved the size of this room. Also, some of you may not appreciate this, but our house had these super nice blinds on ALL of our windows, and I loved that about it. I notice the little things!

And here is what it looks like now!


Much better, right?!

OK – details!

First off, I told you we switched the furniture between the living room and family room – I’ll explain exactly why in just a bit…but let me tell you, what a TASK that was. Yes, this was my idea to switch the furniture, but I honestly did not think it would be that difficult. Jordan and I decided to tackle this project one Saturday afternoon while Andie was napping. Spoiler alert – our marriage DID survive. But there were times when I thought Jordan just might leave me because of this idea…;-). Long story short, we basically had to take the couches from the living room OUTSIDE and around the house to get them in the family room. BUT we did it. Here is a sneak peak of what the family room looks like now.


So I don’t love these couches in here, and we will replace them eventually, BUT it’s worth it because I LOVE having the sectional in the living room.


Like I said, we LIVE in this room. And with the sectional in here, we actually have so much more space for Andie to play than we did with the couches and coffee table. The sectional is from Ikea. I love this couch so much.

The pillows are all from HomeGoods or TJ Maxx – they have the best pillows. And I have a serious problem buying them.


Our entertainment console is from Amazon – this thing weighs about 10 tons, so it’s pretty darn good quality! The shelves are from Target AGES ago, but I painted them white.


Y’all. I first thought it would be easiest to spray paint them (because spray paint is life). That might have been one of the worst decisions I have made…I called Jordan and told him we needed to buy new shelves because I ruined ours. After he said, “I told you spray paint wouldn’t work” (like, does he think I’ll listen to him when it comes to design decisions?), he basically said “no” to new shelves. Dang it. So I had to figure out how to save these. I went and bought some paint, and spent hours painting them (because…fake wood). BUT I LOVE how they look. Totally worth it. I think I need something over the TV, but one step at a time.

Ok remember when I said I would tell you why we switched the furniture around?? We had to make room for THIS beauty!


Isn’t she GORGEOUS?? I’ve named her Melody (clever, right?). SO – Jordan has been wanting a piano for a while, and you can find tons on FB marketplace, but we just never bit the bullet and got one. One day, my mom texts me and says she was having a conversation with a sweet lady that Jordan used to play drums with at the church we grew up at. She was getting rid of her piano that she bought in the 1970s and would love for Jordan and me to have it! How perfect is that? We said YES of course, and after a fun-filled adventure for Jordan and his dad, we have a beautiful piano (I had no part in picking it up, because I use my 8 month old as an excuse to get out of manual labor…)!

All of the decor is from Hobby Lobby – the other love in my life. I am obsessed with the music note.


I think the piano looks perfect in that corner!


Ok some last few details!

I spray painted my end tables gold a while ago. And my curtains are from HomeGoods!

IMG_6543IMG_8978 2

Lastly, my gallery wall is made up of cute prints that Joanna Gaines herself gave away as a free download! So of course I hopped on that, had them printed at Office Max, and bought these thin, gold frames from the Dollar Tree! This wall cost me less than $10!


It’s simple, but I love it!

Here are a few more photos of the whole room!



We love it! And even though Jordan was hating me when we were working on these rooms, he admitted he loves how it turned out – that’s a win!

Until next time!


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