Foyer Fun

Hey there! How much are you LOVING this warm weather?! We are being spoiled in February, and I won’t be surprised when the weather takes a turn again and we get some more chilly days…but that is expected. Andie and I are trying to be outside as much as we can while these warm days are here! I am getting excited for Spring. Last year, I was pretty pregnant late Spring/early Summer, so I think I’ll enjoy it a little more this year…

Today I wanted to share some updates I have made to my foyer! I guess I should have started in this room, since it’s the FIRST thing anyone sees when they come into my house, but it wasn’t really a priority! But then I get ideas in my head…and won’t rest until I get them done (I have issues).

Here are some before pictures!



IMG_4182The space wasn’t bad at all! Just kind of plain, which is really why I hadn’t messed with it yet! But I knew eventually I wanted to add some more personality to it! Here is what it looks like now.


IMG_6050Lots more fun!

The first thing I did was paint my door my FAVORITE blue – Dolphin Blue by Behr. You can also find it in my Half Bath and Playroom. The front of my door is also painted this color. Doesn’t it make such a difference? I love a painted front door…and think it adds so much character when you paint the inside as well!


The rug is from Burlington Coat Factory – I kid you not, I paid $14.99 for this baby! It was originally marked at $50, but they had it on clearance!




I love the little tassels on the ends! It’s also a great weight, because I can easily open my door over it. I bought this rug tape to keep it from sliding…boy does it work. I pulled a muscle trying to move the rug when we were moving in our piano (I wish I was kidding…).

The dresser used to be in our guest bedroom. I painted it my favorite off-white color, Ivory Palace by Behr. I used this color on my headboard as well. This dresser has probably been painted a total of 10 times! Every time I move it somewhere, I paint it a different color!


I LOVE the art above the dresser! This was a find at Gabe’s of all places! I know, what the heck is Gabe’s – think Burlington Coat Factory meets Walmart (I know, so not appealing). BUT you can find some good stuff in there for super cheap! This picture was $29.99, and for the size I felt like it was a steal!


I already had the lamp and the gold pitcher, so I just added a few simple touches! I LOVE fresh flowers. I’ve already switched these out twice, so that is why you will see some different flowers in these pictures!

Ok, now for the last thing I did to the foyer. I had been wanting to do this for quite some time, but, first off, I just wasn’t 100% confident in my decision, and secondly, did not know that I had the time to take on such a project…seeing as how I have a 7.5 month old. But I did it. And I LOVE it. I painted my railing black.

IMG_7034IMG_6876Do you love it? Tell me you do, so I can be even more confident in my decision. I know I know, if you know me at all you are wondering why I had something that was already white and painted it black…because I basically paint everything in my house white. But I just felt like originally this railing would have been black…and I wanted it to pop. It looked so washed out with the white.

This took me about a week to do, because I could only paint during Andie’s nap times…and all of you mamas know that’s not really a predictable thing! I used a stencil brush to paint it, because the bristles are harder and there was a lot of detail. I used this one from Michaels. This is the paint I bought and I loved it. It worked great on the wrought iron.IMG_1119

Here are some more pictures of the finished product!IMG_3877IMG_3840IMG_1157IMG_5766I am loving how inviting it is! I’ve always wanted a lamp in my foyer…I think that makes it so cozy.IMG_6572I hope you love it! It’s super cozy and inviting. It leads right into my kitchen and coffee bar…so if you come visit me, I’ll whip you up a yummy latte ;-).


Until next time!



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