Top 10 Netflix Favs

Hey there! I don’t know about you, but all of this snow has got me wanting to sit on the couch and do absolutely NOTHING. We southerners aren’t good at handling this change in weather, but I have to say I am a huge fan of a good snow. The past few days have been so sunny, and while I am sad to see the snow melt away, it reminds me that SPRING isn’t too far off…however, I am very okay with summer staying away for awhile…

All that to say, it has inspired me to do a post on my Netflix picks! Who doesn’t love to stay inside on a snowy day and binge watch a show, all while sipping your third cup of coffee that day?! So here are my favorites. Now, you will notice I am all over the genre board, but I like a variety…most of these Jordan and I have watched together, so I think they would be great for couples! Another thing to note: I am well aware that some of these shows are still killing it weekly on cable, so technically you couldn’t binge the entire series, BUT there are enough seasons to get you going…then you will have something to look forward to weekly.

Here. we. go.


#10 The Killing. I hate to start with such a suspenseful show, but I really wanted my top 10 to include it. We watched The Killing several years ago rather quickly. It’s about two detectives investigating several different crimes, but what is really interesting is that the series is only four seasons long…the first TWO seasons are about the same case. The third season is all about one case and the fourth season is all about one case. So you can imagine how much detail they go into. But I will warn you, this show is suspenseful and can be a bit dark, but that leads to one of the most shocking endings I have ever seen…


#9 The 100. Ok this show is different. I don’t want to give away too much, but it is set in the future after a nuclear war has destroyed the world. A group of people survived in space and are sending a group back to the earth to see if it is inhabitable…so basically it’s about learning to survive in this new world…think Lost meets The Walking Dead…but without zombies…and with more teens…so basically that was a horrible analogy.


#8 Criminal Minds. My sister and I started watching this show in high school together, and while we both trailed off from keeping up with it weekly after we got married, I picked it back up a little while ago on Netflix! I love a good crime show, and this one doesn’t disappoint (why are serial killers so interesting?!)! It is also filled with a great cast…something that is SUPER important to me.


#7 Gilmore Girls. Who wants to move to Stars Hollow?! This show makes me want to live in a small town and open my own hotel…because everyone should aspire to be Lorelai Gilmore. Gilmore Girls is heartwarming and hilarious all at the same time…and who doesn’t like seeing Jack Pearson at a younger age (This Is Us reference for those of you who don’t get it…and if you don’t know who Jack Pearson is, shame on you.)?!


#6 Arrow. I know I sound like such a nerd to recommend this show, but Jordan and I love the super-hero shows…and this one doesn’t disappoint! It’s filled with action, drama, suspense, and some good ole romance all at the same time! I have to say I enjoy this show more when I wait for the entire season to get to Netflix, as opposed to watching it live week by week (but honestly, shows are so much better to binge watch anyways…except for This Is Us…I could watch the same weekly episode over and over again…).


#5 One Tree Hill. I am a sucker for any kind of high school/college drama (I know, eventually I should grow up…), and this show fits the bill. And what makes it even better is that it’s filmed in NC…be still my heart. So I watched the entire series through once, and SWORE Jordan would like it so I made him go back to the beginning and watch it with me, but he wasn’t too interested…so maybe this is more of a chick show…


#4 The Office. If you’ve watched even an episode of this show, you know there isn’t much I really need to say other than do yourself a favor and go watch this show. Not only is it one of the funniest shows I have ever watched, it has a cast that is truly A++. The humor and the characters are so addicting that you will find these 20 minute episodes taking up your lunch break every day.


#3 Pretty Little Liars. Ok I know…another teen drama. But y’all. I have a love/hate relationship with this show. And yet it lands at number 3. I binge watched season 1 the week between graduating from college and starting my first “big girl” job (I know, a perfect way to enter adulthood…) and I was instantly hooked. This show is super suspenseful and twisty, but isn’t really a scary show, if that makes sense…although I do remember a few episodes where I literally SOL (screamed out loud). The “hate” part of my relationship with this show is that I needed answers…and it took 7 seasons for me to get some of them…and while I was only about 85% satisfied with the ending, I do believe this is a show to watch!


#2 Prison Break. Ok, for those of you who know me personally, there isn’t much I need to say. But for those of you who don’t, this show very easily comes in at number 2! I have to admit, Jordan suggested we watch this show several years ago and I was so hesitant because I’m like how can you have a show about a guy who breaks out of prison…that’s stupid. I ate my words. Because this show is amazing. And SO addicting. It’s also one of the most stressful shows I have ever watched…so if you are in the market to get your heart rate up without going to the gym, watch this show.


#1 Grey’s Anatomy. This show. I don’t know that I have ever been so invested in the characters of a show as I am with this one. I honestly don’t know what I am going to do when this show ends…and don’t let Jordan tell you any different…he loves this show AS MUCH as I do. Y’all. I really feel like these characters are part of my family. Alex Karev has been my favorite from day one…even when he was a big ole turd of a character. I don’t know about you, but one thing I look for in a show is how well I can connect with the characters…and I have never loved a cast more than this one. HANDS DOWN. Go watch it now.

And there they are! Tell me. What am I missing on Netflix?! I am always looking for a new show! But I’m telling you now…if you recommend a show and I don’t like it, I’ll certainly let you know…;-) JK…sorta.

Until next time!











6 thoughts on “Top 10 Netflix Favs

  1. Ummm…your dad says you forgot Heartland. 🙂 We’ve been watching Doc Martin. It’s one of those “this is so dumb I can’t stop watching it” shows. And I binged on Once Upon A Time until it got so weird and they ran out of story lines. Haven’t watched much of the last two seasons. Your picks are too intense for me. Need me some Hallmark and happy endings with less stress. Or Downton Abbey. Now that was a show.

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