Master Bedroom Makeover

Hey there! I am SO excited about this post! I have been gradually working on our master bedroom since we moved in…doing things here and there and I am FINALLY finished (for now, until I think of something else that needs to be done…). This is a longer post, so bear with me!

This room was really a blank slate when we moved in…


It also had this lovely little built in area…


Check out that light!

We painted this room the same color as our family room downstairs…Urban Raincoat by Behr. I LOVE this color.

IMG_0012It’s a little hard to tell in that picture, but you will see it better below!

Here is a picture of the room! I LOVE how it turned out. It’s exactly what I had envisioned!

IMG_4628 2

The bed is my favorite part of the whole room. I am a big fan of a bed that I can literally fall into…this has nothing to do with the design, but we bought this mattress topper and let me tell you…SO comfortable. Also, if you are in the market for a king mattress, we bought this one for super cheap…and have NO complaints whatsoever! Like, who buys a mattress on Amazon?! WE DO. Warning…this thing comes in a box wrapped up, so as soon as you cut the ties on it, be prepared for it to explode…I almost lost a limb…

Ok back to the design! My comforter and euro pillows are from Target. The duvet cover at the end of the bed (along with the down comforter inside it) is from IKEA.

IMG_6192 2.JPGIMG_8361

The throw pillows are from HomeGoods! I love the way they look in this room. I wanted to incorporate grey and white, with some gold accents as much as possible.


Jordan and I made our headboard…it’s one of my favorite projects to date! You can read all about what we did here.


My mirror is from target as well! I needed something to fill the space above my bed and I love this mirror. The shape of it is exactly what I was looking for!


Ok let’s talk furniture! One of my favorite things to shop for. Before we moved into this house, we had been using Jordan’s furniture from his childhood…we felt like it was time to get ourselves some grown up furniture! Remember when I was telling you about that trip we took to IKEA the weekend we moved into our house? Yeah. We found us some bedroom furniture. Ok so I know some people think IKEA products are cheaply made (like, who are you), but I have to say they really aren’t…yes, you have to put the furniture together yourselves, but look at it this way…if your marriage can survive hours of putting furniture together with Swedish directions, you know you guys are in it for the long haul…AND you WILL save money.

We bought the Hemnes line of dressers and we love them! No complaints whatsoever. We bought the white stain. Here is my dresser.


I was actually considering switching out the hardware, but I am holding off for now!

And here is Jordan’s (also note: do you remember the “built-in” area that was in the before photos? We took that out…but for the LOVE could NOT get this stupid cork board off the wall! I kid you not…we tried forever…so then I decided I was just going to paint it and make the most of it…kinda reminds me of my college days…).


Ok I HAVE to tell you about this next piece of furniture…so we didn’t initially buy this piece from IKEA, but really regretted that decision…fast forward about 1.5 years, and I stumbled across this EXACT piece that was basically brand new on FB marketplace for $10!

IMG_5560How cute is this little thing?! And I KNOW you are wondering what we could possibly house in such a skinny little dresser? Let me introduce you guys to my husband’s Achilles heel…

IMG_7385 Adidas shoes…Every. Single. Pair. And there are more in his closet…

ANYWAYS…back to more design things!

Ok so we have had a debate in our marriage about whether or not we want a TV in our bedroom…I was SO against it…was being the key word…

After Christmas last year, Jordan found a deal on a bigger TV that we just couldn’t pass up (insert eye roll). So we moved the TV that was in our living room (where we spend most of our time) to our family room, and the TV in our family room to our bedroom (please tell me why we need 3 TVs…). When we decided to do this, I told Jordan I really didn’t want to see any cords hanging in our bedroom. Here is a before picture…and about the time I began having a panic attack…

IMG_8054Y’all.  There were holes in my wall. I think I left and went to Target while this was happening…but then I came home and it looked like this…

IMG_9016And now it’s a cute little wall in our room…

IMG_0332IMG_0128And to be honest…one of my favorite things is going upstairs at like 8:30 and binge watching anything on Netflix…so now I am a fan of a TV in the bedroom.

Here are my CUTE little end tables that Jordan BUILT for us! I wanted different end tables from our other furniture…and I love the way these turned out.



Ok let’s talk rugs! Rugs are hard for me. Because MOST of the time I don’t find what I am looking for in stores, so I begin to look online. And that can be hard because you can’t see it in person or feel it…hence the reason I cried when I bought my first rug for Andie’s nursery…(ok that was probably pregnancy hormones, but you get it…).

BUT I found this rug online at Walmart of all places! I actually hate Walmart, and I apologize for offending anyone who doesn’t, but I decided to look online there because I knew if I hated it, I could easily return it to the store (well, not easily…I have a 6 month old, but I knew it could be returned to the store).

Y’all. I LOVE this rug! It’s so soft and pretty and I really like how it looks in the room.

IMG_1176I ordered the 6X9 and it fits perfectly in my space.

Lastly I just needed some decor touches!

I found my lamps on clearance at TJ Maxx…I love the combination of the gold and glass!


IMG_4720I love how warm and inviting lamps make a room!

My curtains are also from TJ Maxx! Everything else, I have just collected here and there. The mirror was a find by Jordan from a local thrift store (and I DIDN’T spray paint it!)! Isn’t it just perfect in this space?


Here are some more photos of the whole room!


And there it is! I wanted this space to feel comfortable and cozy and I think I’ve achieved that! This was a fun project.

Until next time!


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