Favorite Baby Products…Round 2!

So a little while ago, I did a post on my top favorite baby products so far (you can read that post here). Andie was about 3 months old at that point and now that I am the mother of a 6 month old, I figured it was time to write another post…and you better believe that I do indeed have a whole new list of baby favs! I think this might be a post I do every several months as Andie gets older…and I discover more of what works and what doesn’t…and what I simply can’t live without (like Google)!

Ok here they are…in no particular order!

#1 Halo Sleep Sack Blanket

Ok in my first post, I talked about the Halo Sleep Swaddles and the Merlin Sleep Suit…both great, but we have moved on! Once babies are able to roll, you have to get them out of the swaddle…which led us to the Merlin Sleep suit. We loved it, but the whole time she was in it, I had this cloud hanging over me saying “you know you are going to have to transition her out of this one day…” and that day DID indeed come. Andie was rolling onto her tummy at about 3 months non-stop, but, for the love, would not lay her head down…therefore, she was unable to sleep on her tummy. The Merlin was great for that time period but when she FINALLY learned to lay her head down to sleep, we moved her to the Halo Sleep Blanket and haven’t looked back!! I LOVE this thing. It keeps her warm but she can move so much she could basically take a yoga class in it…we have a fleece one currently, but are planning to get a lighter weight, cotton one in the next couple of months!

#2 Lovey

About the time that we were moving Andie out of the Merlin suit, we gave her a lovey to sleep with. I know people say they shouldn’t have anything in their cribs until they are a year old, but I have ALSO read that a lovey is okay for them to sleep with starting anywhere between 4 and 6 months…but of course, to each his own! For us, this was a great move. Andie took to the lovey rather quickly…they see loveys as something that is comforting to them, so when they wake up in the middle of the night it can help them go back to sleep without having mom or dad come in and soothe them…so trust me, this is as much for the parent as it is for the baby! We got Andie’s from TJ Maxx, but they really sell them everywhere. Here is one on Amazon. Aren’t they just the cutest things?!

#3 Exersaucer/Activity Center

If you follow me at all on Instagram, you will see how many stories I post of Andie jumping in her Exersaucer. Now, there are about 124 different options for some sort of activity center/exersaucer/jumper/whatever…but we chose one that had the option for her to jump in it if she wanted to…and she WANTS to. All. The. Time. This is the one we have, but I found it BRAND SPANKING NEW on FB Marketplace for $30!! That is another thing…there is really no need to buy these things new, because babies only like them for a hot minute…

#4 Walker

Ok, very similar to the Exersaucer, but the walker allows for them to move around a room…hence the name walker. Andie got this one from her grandparents for Christmas, and while she is still learning how to move in it, she loves being in the kitchen with me…and it’s another spot to put her when I need a free hand!

#5 Pacifier Clip

I truly believe this is one of the best inventions EVER. We now have a child who knows how to put things in her mouth as well as pull things out (her pacifier), so instead of having to pick it up off the ground and wash it EVERY time she throws it (let’s be real…I only wash it if she drops it in a public place…), the clip keeps it attached to her. PRAISE. These are sold everywhere as well, but we have this one.

#6 Baby Food Freezer Tray

We have just recently started introducing some different foods to Andie, and I have high hopes of making most of her food…so far, so good! I found these freezer trays on Amazon for next to nothing, and they are GREAT for freezing the perfect serving amount for her, and they come with lids…so even better. I think I may do a post on different baby food recipes once I learn more of what she likes and dislikes, but these are so great because once you have the food pureed, you just pour it into the trays, freeze it, and then you can take them out and put them in a freezer bag. I write the date and what the food is on the bags so I know what I am grabbing (because Lord knows I don’t want to mix up peas and avocados)! It’s so nice because each little square is about 2oz. If you plan on making some or all of your baby food, I highly recommend these!

#7 Formula Storage Container

You guys know Andie has been on formula pretty much from the beginning. I was always trying to find the best way to take bottles with me since you can’t make them ahead of time because once mixed with water, formula is only good for about an hour. I found this container at Target and LOVE it. It holds three 9oz sections of formula. I just add however much I need that day, grab my clean bottles, and since I keep a water bottle in my diaper bag, I have everything needed to easily make her a bottle while I am out!

#8 Glow-in-the-dark Pacifiers

Ok, my sis introduced me to these and they are LIFE CHANGING. Have you ever had to fumble around your baby’s crib in the middle of the night looking for their paci to get them to stop crying?? Not anymore! These are the ones we have, but we have been using Avent pacifiers from the beginning. I am pretty sure they make the glow-in-the-dark pacis for most brands…my sister uses Mam pacifiers and she has them as well.

#9 Little Poppy Bow Subscription

I know I know, this is so not necessary. And I was really trying to be practical with my list, but once you see these bows, you will understand my dilemma. For all of you moms of little boys, you can skip over this one (or read on in case you have a little girl one day…). Little Poppy is a bow subscription I do believe you just NEED in your life if you have a little girl. Each month, you get 3 bows that they design sent straight to your door. It’s $11.99 a month plus shipping, but I am telling you, it’s pure excitement. It’s also month to month, so if you decide you don’t want them (more like don’t need to spend the money on them), you can cancel at any time. Their bow straps are made of nylon, so super soft and stretchy, and fit any size baby. I follow them on Instagram, which honestly is part of my problem. I have cancelled my subscription 3 times…then I see their bows for the next month and I sign back up (I have such an issue). But when you get that light pink package in the mail you will understand where I am coming from. In my defense…I did cancel my Birchbox subscription…you’re welcome, Jordan.

#10 Gadikat Diaper Bag

Ok I know I put this on my last post, but that is how much I LOVE this bag. 6 months in and it’s STILL my favorite. It’s so functional, yet super cute at the same time. I even did a review for it online because I like it THAT much (Ok for real though, I heard if you did a review they send you one of their tote bags for free…I never got one). But I really do love this bag. A backpack truly does make your life easier when carrying around a baby,

There’s my list of baby favs from the past 6 months! What kinds of things can you mamas not live without?! What am I missing out on??

Until next time!



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