‘Tis the Season

Has Christmas already come and gone?! I swear this sweet time of year goes by faster and faster each time. This year we got to host Christmas day at our house with my parents and sister, brother-in-law and their little boy Jack, so I was VERY excited about that! We spent Christmas Eve with Jordan’s family and had a great time.

Andie got some fun new toys and the most adorable hat from her Aunt Carmen.

Jordan’s family has always spent Christmas Eve with Bay Bay and her family, and I have gotten to go since Jordan and I have been married so it was fun to add little Andie to the mix this year!

This was also the first Christmas Jordan and I have gotten to spend Christmas morning at our own house, so there were new traditions all around! Santa was good to Andie this year (little does she know most of her toys came from thrift stores and consignment shops because, let’s be real, she doesn’t know the difference…you know I am all about a good bargain).

If you follow me at all on Instragram, you know I post about 72 videos a day of her jumping in her Exersaucer that I found brand new on FB Marketplace for $30!! Best money we have spent on this child (other than the essentials such as diapers and formula…the stuff she actually NEEDS).

Like I mentioned, we hosted Christmas day lunch at our house and I was STOKED. So much so that I decided to be extra and really set the table…Jordan walked in and said “Uhh, you know we’re having tacos, right?!” (yes, we made Mexican food for Christmas day lunch…because we aren’t afraid to be different…and have a slight obsession with homemade guacamole…).

Pretty right?! Don’t ask me how many times I re-wrote everyone’s name card…

Presents with the babies was so fun!

And in true family fashion…we had to snap some photos…

Oh, and one more thing….probably the highlight of the entire week of festivities…are these photos right here…



Do you just die when you see them?! My sister found these get-ups at a children’s consignment store a couple of months ago, and we had been hanging on to them ever since…just DYING to pull them out.

Ok but let’s be real…MOST of the photos turned out like this…

My child…the one who rarely cries…hated when I put her in a dress…she IS my daughter! And Jack…that little boy knows what a stud he is in the Santa suit.

And just like that, Christmas is over. I refuse to take down my decorations just yet…

We will just be over here playing with our new toys and trying on new clothes from our Auntie Laur.

I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas with all of your loved ones!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Until next time!


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