These are a few of my favorite things…from Aldi

Ok, as most of you know, we are avid Aldi shoppers. While I get most of my groceries from Aldi, I do hit some other grocery stores for certain items, but I wanted to share some of my Aldi favs…

First off, you should know that I have gotten better at menu planning before I actually go grocery shopping…I say better because I am still not great, BUT I have moved past calling my sister and asking her to plan meals for me and to give me a grocery list of things I need…(one time she actually went grocery shopping with me…I know, I am a grown woman, but she’s just so good at it).

Ok back to Aldi favs! These aren’t in any particular order…

#1 Fresh Mozzarella. Ok, cheese is a MUST for me. I love all kinds, but mozzarella is my favorite…and fresh mozzarella at that. Now, we went to Italy a couple of years ago and their fresh mozzarella (and pretty much everything else there) cannot be beat. BUT the Aldi kind is pretty stellar…gosh this post is going to make me hungry.

#2 Fresh Pico de Gallo. If you know me at all, Mexican food is an actual food group that we try to incorporate in our lives weekly…if not more than that. This pico is super fresh and tasty, and even on the spicier side. I have been throwing it on everything…my current fav is adding it to my eggs in the morning to give them a little kick!

#3 Iced Oatmeal Cookies. Ok, I have to let you know, these are a Jordan Limerick pick. Now, don’t get me wrong…I love a good cookie, but my dessert of choice ANY day is a bowl (or two) of ice cream. However, these cookies are the jam (AKA really really yummy). And at only 85 cents for a whole pack, your mouth will thank you…your waistline will not.

#4 Little Journey’s Formula. I did a whole post on my favorite baby products so far (you can read that post here), and in it I mentioned the Aldi diapers. I didn’t mention their line of formula (silly me). Since I had some issues with breastfeeding early on, Andie has been on formula pretty much from the beginning. When I was doing research on formula, I came across the Little Journey’s line at Aldi, and since we shopped there already, I thought I would give it a shot…and the best thing is the cost of formula is HALF the price of most other brands. We use the Little Journey’s Gentle Formula (comparable to Enfamil Gentlelease), and Andie has done SO well on it. You can read all about the Little Journey’s line here…I highly recommend it!

#5 Organic Brown Rice and Quinoa Pasta. I am a big pasta lover, but we don’t eat it very often since it tends to be on the more unhealthy side (we are those people who will eat grilled chicken and veggies for dinner, purely so we can go get a Dairy Queen blizzard after dinner…or indulge in the iced oatmeal cookies…see #3). What I love so much about this brown rice and quinoa pasta, is that it is just that…brown rice and quinoa…nothing else is added. And on top of that, we LOVE the taste! Aldi has a whole line called Live Gluten Free, and while I haven’t tried everything, the pasta is a hit…and it comes in several different types of noodles. You can read more about it here.

#6 Simply Nature Pumpkin and Flax Granola. Now, I don’t know if this kind of granola is seasonal, but it is so yummy. Simply Nature has a huge line of products at Aldi, and the granola is just one of them. I love having this for breakfast (when I am not chowing down on my eggs and pico), and it is pretty filling.

#7 Moose Tracks Ice Cream. Like I said, I am a big fan of ice cream…like a BIG fan. We have tried several types of ice cream from Aldi, and the Moose Tracks takes the cake (gosh I wish I had some cake to go with my Moose Tracks ice cream). I really don’t know what else to say about it other than tell you to go get some…now. You will be glad you did. And just eat your veggies for dinner…it’s about balance after all.

And those are some of my favorite things to get at Aldi – pretty much my staples.

For all of you Aldi shoppers, what are some of your favorite finds?

Until next time!



5 thoughts on “These are a few of my favorite things…from Aldi

  1. Melissa Dickson

    My Aldi is closed for remodeling so this makes me sad. I drive by daily to monitor their progress. I think the construction workers think I’m a stalker. Haha.

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  2. Anne Wanicka

    They carry large boxes (containing three packets of mix) of Ghiradelli shortbread cookie mix which I love–for the flavor, the melt in your mouth texture, and the ease of preparation. Melt butter, stir in cookie mix and that’s it. It comes with chocolate wafers to press into hot cookies, but I also like apricot or raspberry jam instead. (Then just eat the chocolate for a snack!)

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