Guest Bath Update

For some reason, updating bathrooms is one of my favorite things to do…it might be because I have an unhealthy obsession with shower curtains (as in, I change them out twice a year).  But really, I love making updates to any bathroom. Since they are usually small spaces, you can make big changes without spending a fortune.

Here is the bathroom before we did anything to it…


When we were updating our home before we moved in, I decided to just give the guest bath an update with some paint for now. I chose Clear Pond by Behr…and I honestly felt like it was a bad life choice…

IMG_0001I wish I had more pictures, but I think I hated it so much I never took photos of it! It just wasn’t what I was thinking…or maybe it was at that point, but I quickly changed my mind…

Ok so, since I refused to like the first color I chose, I decided I wanted to paint over it. Trying to be frugal (since I JUST spent money on an entire gallon of paint that I hated), I decided to use some white paint I had already…I know what you are thinking…white?! My husband said the same thing, but stay with me just a little longer…

The first thing I did was paint the vanity a blue-ish grey called Flannel Grey by HGTV Home for Sherwin Williams…AND I LOVE IT.


This piece was really easy to paint since it is real wood…it soaked up the paint so well, so it only needed two coats. I love painting pieces like this.

Next, I knew I wanted some open shelving above the toilet. Jordan built and stained these shelves with this stain by Minwax called Classic Grey (I told you, our marriage has improved since Jordan took up carpentry…;-). We had the wood cut at Home Depot (if you have never used this service they offer for FREE, I highly recommend it), and Jordan stained the shelves at home. We found these brackets to set the shelves on…I wanted something a little more industrial, and these were perfect (I am not 100% sure these are actually shelf brackets, but I liked them and they worked so we went with it…).


Here are the shelves! Don’t they look great?! Way to go, Jordan!


Really all that was needed after that was a little decor…my favorite part!

So I know I am getting a little ahead of myself, but this bathroom will be Andie’s one day, so I went a little bold with the shower curtain (let’s be honest, it will probably be changed 4 times before she is actually old enough to use this bathroom, but that is what I told Jordan when I wanted to update it for the second time in a year…). I found this one from Target (Heaven on earth, can I get an AMEN?!). 


After that, I just needed to add some finishing touches! I will eventually replace the flooring and add a new mirror, but one step at a time….

Here are some more after photos!



And that is our guest bathroom – AKA Andie’s future bathroom…

For now, she enjoys bath time in her little tub that sits in the “big girl” bathtub. Jordan has taken over bath duty as his “job”…be still my heart…


Until next time!


11 thoughts on “Guest Bath Update

  1. Well don’t hate me for this but I have found it super easy to paint your floor and it costs you only the cost of the paint. It will last Bout three years so for roughly $30 you can have a new look to hold you until you replace that floor! I used valspar paint from Lowe’s. Just tell them what you want it for and they’ll take care of you! And I even used the paint I had left in some really rough furniture I was repainting. It was a. It thick but just perfect for giving that distressed look I wanted. Have fun Lindsey! And your makeover looks amazing!!!! Good work Jordon as well!

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