Baby Andie’s Debut – 7.2.17

Before I had Andie, I always thought it was weird that women posted their birth stories (I know, so judgy), but since I have had her, I actually enjoy reading mothers’ birth stories (I think it’s because mamas have a connection with each other that no one else can understand…your husband didn’t come close to feeling that pain…as much as they like to think they did). I feel like this is going to be a long post, because as you will come to learn, I had a long labor…and I mean long. I’ll try not to go into too much detail…but it is a birth story after all…

Overall, I had a relatively easy pregnancy…once I hit the 20 week mark. Up until then, I was pretty sick…and when I say pretty sick, I mean like Jordan didn’t need to set an alarm clock because I woke up sick EVERY morning…

Once the morning, noon, and night sickness passed, pregnancy was really a breeze for me. Even into my last week of being pregnant, other than just being “over it”, I still felt pretty good. When you hit that last week of pregnancy, you are just ready for your baby to be here…you want to meet them, you want to know what they will look like, you want to be able to bend down and put your shoes on (praise the Lord for flip flops), and you want to be able to shave your legs (well, I didn’t really miss doing that too much…).

This was about 3 weeks before I was due, with Andie’s Grandmas!IMG_6031

Andie was due on Saturday, July 1. The week before she was due, Jordan asked me about 274 times if I was feeling any contractions or if I was feeling any “different” (like, of course I am feeling different, I’ve been carrying your child for the last 9 months, slowly but surely losing my waistline…). When Friday rolled around, I went into work as usual, and after being asked by my coworkers numerous times why I was even at work that dayI decided to head home early…I wasn’t feeling bad…just taking advantage of the fact that everyone thought I should be at home so, Netflix for the afternoon it was!

When Jordan got home that evening, we decided to go out to dinner (because unlike the last 14 times we had gone out to eat for this very reason, this MIGHT be the last meal we have together just the two of us). After dinner, we decided to head back home and…you guessed it…watch some Netflix.

At this point, I had started to feel some Braxton Hicks contractions (I had been for a couple weeks), but nothing too painful. We stayed up a little later (big mistake) and headed to bed about 11:30.

About 12:45AM, I woke up to use the bathroom…which was becoming a nightly routine…and noticed my pajama shorts were wet. I honestly thought I just had an accident (Is that the proper way to say it? Let’s be real…I thought I peed my pants), so I used the bathroom and hopped back into bed. About 2 minutes later, I felt a gush of water…and decided that if this was another “accident”, I had something seriously wrong with my systems…needless to say, it wasn’t an accident. My water broke about 12:45AM on July 1…Andie was going to come on her due date! I was so excited.

I hopped out of bed again and woke Jordan up to tell him my water broke. When he asked me if I was sure, I threw my wet shorts at him…yep, I’m sure babe…;-).

Once the panic ensued, we gathered the rest of our stuff for the hospital bag, called our parents, and kissed Dobby goodbye. After all, he would be a big brother when we got home!

We got to the hospital about 136 minutes later, because Jordan drove as slow as I have ever seen him drive (like, I am in labor…I need “Fast and the Furious”, not “Driving Miss Daisy”).  I was so glad we paid attention at the hospital tour, because after 10:00PM, they lock the main doors, so you have to go up a different way. Jordan dropped me off, parked the car, and we headed up.

Once we checked in, they took us to a room the size of our guest bath. They checked to make sure my water actually did break…again, if this wasn’t my water breaking, I needed to see a doctor anyways, so I was glad we were in a hospital. Good news…my water indeed had broke.

They checked me and at this point, I was only about 1cm…but they still had to admit me.  Before I go any further, I need to clarify something. I had already planned how everything was going to go during my labor and delivery. I was going to labor at home as long as possible, head to the hospital and have a quick, natural birth with no epidural…well, strike one…no laboring at home.

We were admitted and moved to a very nice and large room that we would remain in for quite some time. My parents got to the hospital a little after 3:00AM, and came back to see us and keep us company. I still wasn’t feeling too many contractions at this point, so we just hung out and talked for a little bit. My nurse kept suggesting that I try and get some sleep, but I was too excited to sleep (I really wish I would have listened to her, but I clearly knew more than she did). My dad offered to go downstairs to get some breakfast with Jordan…and if you know my family at all, everything revolves around food.

About 7:00 that morning, my contractions started to pick up…and pick up fast. I had read so much about what they are supposed to “feel” like, but none of that was helpful at this point…my mom was timing my contractions for me, and they started to get really close together and were lasting about a minute and a half long. I was SURE I was close. My doctor came in about 11:00 to check me…I just knew she was going to say I was at 8 or 9cm…I was at 4cm (I believe my actual words to her were “just kill me now”).

At this point, I was in so much pain and could not figure out why since I wasn’t THAT far along. I was also SO tired that I could barely keep my eyes open (shouldn’t have stayed up so late)...I told Jordan I wanted the epidural. At first he reminded me that I wanted to do this thing without it, and then he quickly encouraged me to get it…probably because my words to him were “I need you to stop talking to me during this contraction”...oh goodness.

I ended up getting the epidural about 2:00 that afternoon, 13 hours later (definitely not what I had planned)…and can I just say…it was the most glorious thing I did. My nurse put these warm blankets on me and I just sat back, watched some HGTV (you should have known my daughter would come into this world with Chip and Jo designing in the background), took a nap, and had a few visitors stop by to see me.

My doctor came back in to check me again about 5:00 that evening, and I was only at 5cm. At this point, I had gotten a fever and my heart rate…and Andie’s heart rate…had started to go up. They knew something was going on. Come to find out, I had gotten an infection from my water breaking so early…hence the really bad contractions early on. I was having bad contractions, but they weren’t doing anything.

They decided to give me Pitocin to get things going. My doctor sat down with Jordan and me and told us that we needed to get the baby out soon. She didn’t want to talk c-section just yet, but if the Pitocin didn’t work, we were going to have to go a different route.

This was the point where I started to get upset and really nervous…I did NOT want to have a c-section…I just didn’t. Remember what my “plan” was for this delivery? Nothing was going how I wanted it to go. I remember praying and asking God to PLEASE let me have this baby without having a c-section…this was so out of my control. But the good thing is, I knew God had it and He knew the outcome…and I had to TRUST, which was hard because I wanted so badly to be in control of this (I am quickly learning that being a mom is all about trust…because there is always something to be worried about).

About 10:00 that night, my doctor came back in to check me…again. Moment of truth. I was at 8cm! PRAISE THE LORD. My doctor told me that I could do this thing without a c-section. I was THRILLED. I believe Jordan went out and celebrated in the waiting room with pizza at this point…

A couple hours later, it was time to start pushing. I started pushing about 1:30AM and Andie was born at 3:29AM on July 2…27 hours later. Would I do it all over again? Absolutely.

Even though nothing went the way I planned for it to, it was so worth it. And I learned that my plans are not always HIS plans, and that is a good thing! Andie came out just perfect at 8lbs 6oz and 20.5 inches long. She was a dream!

But I will probably remind her one day of everything her mother went through for her…:-)


Until next time!


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