Family Room Renovation

I know you have heard me say this, but when we were looking for a house a couple of years ago, I wanted something we could put our own touch on. I wanted to spend less money on something that needed a little updating, so we could do what we wanted to with it. I love the house we ended up purchasing. It has good bones and already had some character, since it was built in the mid 70s.

When we were touring the house, we walked into the family room and I was basically sold. It had these amazing built-ins, and one of the most beautiful fireplaces I had ever seen…and I watch a LOT of HGTV, so I have seen my share of beautiful fireplaces.

Here are some before pictures of this space…




See what I mean?? It was so gorgeous!! I could instantly see what it could be…a Joanna Gaines white fireplace…this room made me happy.

Here are some pictures during the renovation…you will see where we started to take off the kitchen cabinets and store them in this room.


For the paint color in this room, I knew I wanted to do something to give the room a little color instead of going completely neutral like I usually do…plus, I knew I’d be updating the fireplace and built-ins with white paint (you can’t tell from the pictures, but the built-ins are currently a light pink color? Not sure why…). I decided to go with a blue-ish grey tone…more blue than grey…called Urban Raincoat by Behr. I am in love with it! We also painted the crown molding and baseboards white (some of these pictures were taken at night…because we had a lot of late nights at this house…and I mean a LOT…so the quality isn’t spectacular).


What do you think of the color? I think it is fun to change things up and do a color on the walls in a main room instead of always going neutral…

In between the family room and the kitchen are a set of pretty french doors…they also needed a paint job, so I painted the wood trim white, and it looks so much brighter!


By far the biggest transformation in this room was the fireplace…this isn’t something I did before we moved in. I decided there were other projects I needed to get completed first, and the fireplace wasn’t one of them. I ended up tackling this project over Christmas later that year (post to come on painting the fireplace!).

Here is a before picture after we had already moved in and before I painted it…


And here are some pictures of this beauty after it was painted…


What a big difference!! Isn’t it so pretty?

We also updated the built-ins with a little white paint (excuse the overflowing basket of dog toys…I should have moved it for the picture, but that’s real life)!


And here is the room all pulled together! We got the couch and ottoman from Ikea, the rug from Rugs USA and the throw pillows are from HomeGoods (see if you can spy a little black canine photobomber…:-)). Side note on Ikea…the weekend we moved into our house, we decided to extend our lease on the moving truck for an extra day…just so we could drive it up to Ikea and would have plenty of room to get what we needed…bad idea for the wallet, however, genius idea if you are in need of a few furniture pieces for a new house, and we certainly got a few (normally, something like this would have been my own personal idea…however, this amazing plan was thought up from none other than my budget-friendly hubby…sometimes I realize I really am rubbing off on him).


And that is our family room! I loved how it turned out…it really is one of my favorite rooms in the house (do I say that about every room?).

Until next time!


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