Half Bath Update

Ok first off, the name of this post is a little deceiving…because this bath is technically a full bath downstairs. However, unless you want to feel like you are in a very small space capsule about to launch into the unknown, I wouldn’t recommend bathing in the so-called “shower” in this bathroom…therefore, it is a half bath.

This bathroom actually had some really cute features to begin with and didn’t need a ton of work. I absolutely LOVED the bead-board that had already been installed, and it is one of my favorite features of the whole house…I love little touches of character like this.


The color of this bathroom wasn’t horrible; it was just too dark for my liking…I am a fan of light and bright, as you will begin to see!

One of the first things we did after we closed on our house, was take a trip to the Home Depot to get lots and lots…and LOTS…of paint samples. I wasn’t kidding when I said we had to paint 95% of this interior. 

For this bathroom, I decided on a pretty shade of blue called “Dolphin Blue” by Behr. Normally, I will go with the mid-level paint and primer in one option by Behr, but since I needed to cover such a dark color, I decided to go the next level up and bought the Behr Marquee paint…can I just say, this paint is AMAZING. It went on extremely easily, and with the massive amounts of painting that we were doing, my arms welcomed the break! They say it has one coat coverage, and I probably could have gotten away with one coat, but again, with such a dark color to begin with I wanted to go ahead and do two coats. But I do believe that using the Marquee against a lighter color would only require one coat…this paint is worth paying a little extra!


Here is an after picture of the color…I LOVE it. It’s such a pretty shade and really brightens up the room. With the white bead-board all over the bathroom, I knew I could get away with a bolder color…and I am such a “blue girl”, as you will come to learn.


The next thing I wanted to do was to brighten up the dark vanity. I knew we couldn’t replace the vanity at this time, and it really is in good shape so it wasn’t really necessary. I decided to take some of the white paint that I have used all over my house….Behr Ultra Pure White…and gave the vanity a new coat of paint! If I can offer one tip when painting furniture…if the piece is real wood, it soaks up paint pretty easily. If it isn’t real wood, which in this case it isn’t, it will take several coats of paint and you MUST let each coat completely dry before adding the next one, or it won’t take. I did four coats of paint on the vanity because I wanted to get it good and covered. Once it completely dries after the last coat, you will want to add a finish to seal everything and keep it from chipping. I use this Polycrylic from Home Depot.

I love how it turned out!




I had my dad remove the shelf (which weighed about 5 tons, by the way).



Next, I wanted to give the mirror an update. I actually liked the style and size of the mirror, but wanted to give it some new life. I took one of my favorite colors and brands of…you guessed it…spray paint, and went to town. If you have never spray painted anything before, I HIGHLY recommend it…it’s so therapeutic (I really have no idea why). This spray paint is from Target, of all places. I like to buy my spray paint from places like Hobby Lobby or Michaels, since you can use a coupon, but this gold is my absolute favorite, so I keep going back to it. 

Now all this bathroom needed were the finishing touches!

My grandma gave me this picture that someone painted for her…it’s a painting of a vase that was given to her as a wedding present more than 50 years ago…she also gave me the actual vase as a Christmas gift one year, because I had been eyeing it for years…I basically cried that whole day…and I can’t blame it on pregnancy hormones!




I spray painted the frame gold to match my mirror, and it was perfect! The funny thing is, the actual vase is green…but for some reason, this person painted the vase blue…but I won’t complain because it goes with my blue bathroom perfectly.





Here is a picture of my nanny, just so you can see how cute she is…




And that is pretty much the end of the redo! Here are some pictures of the completed bathroom…


Until next time!


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