Andie’s Nursery Makeover

When Jordan and I found out we were having a girl, I think we both had two very different thoughts running through our heads. Jordan immediately thought of all the scary “daddy” things that come with a little girl…boys, dating, boys, another female to spend too much money, boys…

Other than being over the moon about having a best friend for life, I immediately started planning and designing her nursery in my head. My first thought was NO pink (it’s funny how things change…). I knew I wanted something neutral, so I could add pretty much any color I wanted, because here’s the thing…I am a very indecisive person. When Jordan and I are deciding where to eat dinner, it literally becomes a 30 minute conversation…you know the whole “I really don’t care where we eat” (but whatever you are about to suggest I will probably say I don’t want that, or the next thing, or the next thing…). But all that to say, neutral was a good direction for me to go.

When we first bought this house a couple of years ago, we knew it would be a fixer upper (EXACTLY what I wanted). We had to paint about 95% of the interior of this house (more to come on the house redo). Fortunately, Andie’s nursery was already painted a light, neutral grey tone, so I decided to stick with it!


I knew I wanted to get the bigger pieces first, then I could add smaller items to really pull everything together. I wanted a white crib that was open on two sides, instead of three. I found this crib at Buy Buy Baby and LOVE it! It converts to a toddler bed, but who knows if we will actually use that.


We searched and searched for a nursery gilder…do you even know how pricey those things are?? We were shocked at what it cost to get a comfy chair to rock your sweet baby in! We finally settled on this one from Amazon, but I am pretty sure it is sold at other retailers.


When it came to the changing table, I knew I wanted one with lots of storage (because as little as they are, babies have a LOT of stuff), and I didn’t want to buy new. I found this GEM of a dresser on Facebook Marketplace for a whopping $50! (Dobby wanted to pose, so of course I let him).


All this baby needed was a new coat of paint and updated knobs and voila!, she was a beauty again and EXACTLY what I was looking for!


Once we had the bigger pieces, it was time to pull everything together. I snagged a rug from Target, a pouf ottoman from Wayfair, and this dreamy gold end table from Ross of all places! Ok I have to admit…I originally purchased a different rug from amazon that I LOVED from the pictures. It came in and was just awful…and I cried…a lot…because pregnancy hormones. But we moved on and all is well!



Adding all of the little touches were my favorite! I made the floral mobile above her crib (I will do a tutorial on that later). My sweet mama made the crib skirt and pillow in her crib…I am obsessed with the gold floral pattern! If you know me at all, you know gold would have been incorporated in her nursery somehow. I choose to believe it is becoming a timeless color to decorate with, instead of the awful rep it has from the 80s and 90s.



My gallery wall is one of my favorite parts of her nursery! I ordered the prints from Etsy, and found several frames at a thrift store that I spray painted gold (I told you, a truck load of spray paint resides in my garage). The wreath is from HomeGoods, and the “A” was another fun project!



My husband built these adorable shelves for all of her books. He figured with all of my DIY-ing, it would be beneficial to our relationship for him to learn the art of carpentry…and he NAILED it.


Here are some more “after” photos of the sweetest room in our house! Remember how I said no pink? Well…I did add just a little bit.




And there it is! Andie’s nursery. Do you think I will go into this much work for baby #2 one day? 🙂

Of course, this is the best view in the whole room…


Until next time!


10 thoughts on “Andie’s Nursery Makeover

  1. Valerie

    Oh my word, her room is BEAUTIFUL!! I love the way you pulled everything together. 😀
    “being over the moon about having a best friend for life” – so sweet, and has definitely been true for me and my first child (she is now seventeen!)…I was thrilled last year when I found out that we were having another girl, and then again a few weeks ago when our last little one was a girl as and daughter relationships can be so special. XO


  2. Ronna Snipes

    Love everything you did… you have a great eye Lindsey! Look forward to following your blog!
    Andie is precious… looks just like her beautiful momma!
    Love you❤️


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